Maximize your shop without minimizing your CSI

Through SocketTimes creative logic coupled with integration across your website, customer portal, advisor and call center. You avoid discounts your labor or coupons to fill your afternoon. Sockettime does it for you, without upsetting your customer or causing a CSI issue.

Integrated Chat

Instant Message the Team, Individual or Group

Sockettime gives your entire team a better faster way to communicate. Ever witness time wasted walking back-and-forth? Count that up... Mid-sized shop with 15 technitiions and a 2min walk from bay to parts and/or upto the advisors. 8-10 cars each, just one trip to parts and one to the advisor. Assuming no other lost time is roughly ~16hours of lost production A DAY! or nearly $500,000 in lost production a year rounding down. Keep your team on task with SocketTime.

Multi-Point Inspection

Keep your team on the same page with realtime MPI's

Created with the customer in-mind the MPI tool allows the tech to communicate with the advisors, dispatch and parts. So when the customer opens their Inspection report they are in control and that updates scheduling and recalculates completion times alerting dispatch which jobs have been displaced. Encourage the upsell without wrecking havoc on your shops capacity.

Don't miss your Sales Opportunities

Greet your customer with real-time status updates

Sales & Service work together to provide for each side of the house. When a customer has out grown their current vehicle give that chance to a sales professional in a timely manner. Using SocketTimes real-time status updates know when the customer arrives and which have raised their hand for potentially upgrading while they're in. Use that and meet the customers expectations to look at something different while they're in for service.

Realtime. Everywhere.

Online, Call Center or in the Shop. Its all connected

Never buffer or sandbag your shops capacity, or leave a multi-day gap to create an artificial capacity constraint. SocketTime is live everywhere. Customizable to you and your shop allows control and true capacity. This availability is what powers every entry point a consumer has to book. Don't double enter, or hope you can or can't handle whats coming in tomorrow it is all true and real data.

Integration Partners

Just the Beginning - Have a Particular Need Contact Us Today!

SocketTime is expanding rapidly to include major and minor integration partners to improve the ease of integration to your existing tools. This list isn't the end, if you have a particular need, reach out! Our integrations team can discuss your requirements and find a solution. SocketTime is built to modularly expand to the unique demands of the shop not the otherway.