Direct Access to Find Labor Times

Put accurate labor times at the fingertips of everyone on your team

Less mess, higher accuracy, and tracked intentions. Lookup labor during the repair order write-up, technician inspection process, or as a service advisor to complete a quote. The specific labor IDs write into the history so if there are questions later, you can coach and correct as needed. Don't miss another hour due to human error; those can add up. And when the job doesn't go according to plan, the tech is allowed to alter time as needed to the specific job requirements - but both times are cataloged for future reference.


Error Reduction

Customizable / Editable

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Complete Transparency and Visibility

See it all! A single stop for single shops and multi-brand storefronts

If you managing one store, nine, or 90, give yourself insight into your business in one single tool. Know which shops are light on work, which ones are running ragged, and forecast possible opportunities for marketing so you're on top without jumping from tool to tool and dashboard to dashboard. It's all available with a few simple, streamlined clicks.