Market Driven Apprasial

Put the power in the hands of your variable managers. With SocketTime's Trade Appraisal Tool, they have the power to focus on certain makes and adjust your valuations based on market data and what is discovered on the MPI.

Encourage thorough maintenance and expedient repairs. With SocketTime's MPI Driven Trade Appraisal tool, your customers can better see the value in keeping their vehicle in its best shape. It's more than just preventing breakdowns and peace of mind. It's about showing the difference it makes in dollars and cents - and in a way the sales department can get behind too.

Every Vehicle Every Time

Sell More Work

Increase Trade-Ins

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Complete Transparency and Visibility

See it all! A single stop for single shops and multi-brand storefronts

If you managing one store, nine, or 90, give yourself insight into your business in one single tool. Know which shops are light on work, which ones are running ragged, and forecast possible opportunities for marketing so you're on top without jumping from tool to tool and dashboard to dashboard. It's all available with a few simple, streamlined clicks.