Customer Pay (CP) or Internal Pay (IP)??

Don't Choose? Plan. SocketTime Recon management lets you schedule recons as accurately as CP interlacing as needed to maximize shop flow and hour production.

Whether you have a dedicated team with zero downtime or interlace used car recon to qualified technicians. SocketTime Recon keeps the flow through the shop scheduled and increases hour production with no downtime. The recon process allows dispatch and/or management to catch holes in the day and fill with future recon work instantly freeing that capacity for the planned date/time. No other tool reacts plans and provides the visibility needed to best maximize throughput like SocketTime with Recon. What if you could take an extra 8-10 appointments a day to fill dead space with your recon team. Or accurately plan for sold vehicles a head of schedule. To your fixed ops team - does it matter if they're working on the planned vehicle or the vehicle that sold 8mins after it was made available. At least there's time allotted for the work. Intermingle and adapt with ease and clarity.

Decrease Recon Latency

Improve Communication

Produce Cars Faster!

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Complete Transparency and Visibility

See it all! One Place One Stop for multi or single point shops.

If you managing one store, nine or 90 give yourself the incite into your business in one single tool. Know which shops are light, which are running ragged and forecast possible opportunities for marketing so you're on-top without jumping from tool to tool and dashboard to dashboard. It's all available with a few clicks.