Avoid CSI Issues and gaps in your day.

Leave every qualified technician available to maximize hour utilization and free your shops hidden capacity and increase CSI

SocketTime visual dispatch puts the power of seeing every job for each technician at the finger tips of whoever needs it. Fully customizable and powerful dispatch board instantly reacts to the days situation good or bad. Ever have a tech call in sick? Now you have to fit your "80" appointments into one or two less people and hope the chips land perfectly. Why not execute a plan when these issues popup? Ever upsell something? With only so many minutes in a day, double/triple/quadruple time has its limits. Find a path before a customer is standing in your office upset an oil change just took 3 hours. Using SocketTimes industy first interactive real-time dispatch and appointment scheduling board you now have the power to act not react.

Maximum Hours!

Cross Brand Capacity

Clarity and Incite

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Complete Transparency and Visibility

See it all! One Place One Stop for multi or single point shops.

If you managing one store, nine or 90 give yourself the incite into your business in one single tool. Know which shops are light, which are running ragged and forecast possible opportunities for marketing so you're on-top without jumping from tool to tool and dashboard to dashboard. It's all available with a few clicks.