Avoid CSI Issues and gaps in your day.

Leave every qualified technician available to maximize hour utilization, free your shop's hidden capacity, and increase CSI

SocketTime visual dispatch puts the power of seeing every job for each technician at the fingertips of whoever needs it. The fully customizable and powerful dispatch board instantly reacts to the day's situation, good or bad. Ever have a tech call in sick? Now you have to fit a day's worth of appointments into one or two fewerpeople and hope the chips land perfectly. Why not execute a plan when these issues pop up?

Ever upsell something without knowing how it's going to get done? With only so many minutes in a day, double/triple/quadruple time has its limits. Find a path before a customer is standing in your office upset an oil change just took 3 hours. Using SocketTime's industry-first interactive real-time dispatch and appointment scheduling board, you now have the power to act - not react.

Maximum Hours!

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Complete Transparency and Visibility

Plan and manage the day knowing everything you do provides instant updates everywhere else.

With SocketTime, you can ensure that your team delivers on their promises and avoids underdelivering, which often leads to customer satisfaction issues. Our real-time dispatching and appointment system enables seamless communication across all touchpoints, ensuring that your call center doesn't schedule appointments that won't be completed.

One of the main advantages of SocketTime is that it prevents the chaos of the day from seeping into your team's workflow and, most importantly, your customers' experience. While no software can predict unforeseen issues such as broken bolts, tech call-ins, or mechanical failures, SocketTime allows you to plan and execute alternative solutions instantly, ensuring no missed opportunities and maintaining a positive flow in your shop.

SocketTime is specifically designed for the first total shop management in-mind, addressing your unique interests and needs. By leveraging our solution, you can avoid the hassle of "just figuring it out" and instead execute a well-thought-out plan that benefits all parties involved.